Tuesday, March 23, 2010

why, hello!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, school has been just madness. I started my field experience yesterday. I absolutely love it! I'm in a first grade classroom from 7:45am-10:15am everyday for about a month! I've already learned so much, plus the kids are sooo cute!

On a different note..it's definitely spring!! It makes me so so so happy! I heard on the radio earlier that it's 60 degrees!! FINALLY! I love spring! No more winter jackets:)
(all flower photos are from weheartit)

Oh and I'm also a proud owner of "The Blindside"!!!! which, by the way, is an excellent movie. You should definitely rent it, soo worth the three dollars.

(all Blind Side photos are from google)
Have a good day!


  1. im sooo excited for spring!
    im also an elementary education major (1 class and final internship away from graduating!) last year i was in a kindergarden class- surprisingly i loved it, i thought i'd only like the older grades.
    i'm so happy to find another teacher-to-be on blogger! :)
    and btw i LOVE your blog! sooo cute

  2. wow that's so exciting!! I still have a year and a half after this semester, but I'm SUPER excited! I love working with my little first graders, they are so cute. I haven't worked with the older grades yet, but so far I really like the younger ones.
    oh and thanks! I love your blog too, it's SO adorable.