Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yesterday was my last day of student teaching.  My cooperating teacher had a meeting so we had a sub which meant that I got to teach all day!  I was super excited because for the past week all I've been doing is observing other teachers and helping my teacher out.  It was fun to teach again!  My teacher did make it back for the last half an hour so we could all say our good byes. Look what I got:

 The cutest bag EVER!  All my kids put their thumb prints on the bag and my cooperating teacher made them into flowers.  Each flower has the student's name by the flower that has the thumb print.  The kids were SOOOO excited for me to get it!

Each student colored themsleves on a person and wrote a sweet message on the back.  It's so I can take my class home with me :) They are adorable!

One student was really excited to give me a color sheet he was working on earlier that day.  So cute! 
My awesome cooperating teacher gave me a gift card to The Fishing Pond which is a teaching store!!!

I had a great experience.  I was so close to shedding a tear, but I held them back.  I will miss my kids SO MUCH! I got sooo many hugs throughout the day and at the end of the day.

Here's a sneak peak of where I spent my days:  I'm sure going to miss it.
The kindergarten classroom next door to us had some duck eggs they were taking care of.  On Monday last week, three of the baby ducks hatched.  On Tuesday night, the last baby was hatched. He's the small one, but he's growing everyday!  They are SO cute.  I can't stop visiting them when I'm teaching. 

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