Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day Off

Today I had a day off so I decided to come home for the day and help my mom at her work.  She works at my old elementary school as their librarian.  It's about the end of their school year so I helped her organize books by number and alphabetical order.  It took a looooong time, but we got a good amount finished! It was kind of fun though, I love libraries AND I love organizing. Since I was in town and I'm a poor college student, I went home for a home cooked meal (and I got some leftovers, yay!).  It was nice to come home for a little while.  I got to read outside for a bit, too because it was nice out. Later I'm going to the mid-night showing of Pirates of the Caribbean with my roomies and a few friends! I haven't gone to a mid-night showing in FOREVER, I'm going to be sooo tired, haha. I hope I don't fall asleep during the movie! I haven't stayed up past 1am in a long time.

Yummyyyy. Chicken burger on the grill.
OHH I forgot!  Tomorrow I'm starting to train at the gas station part of my grocery store where I work!  I'm really excited, but super nervous at the same time.  It's going to be so busy over there because it's a Friday(movies, gas, cigs, lottery tickets..eek!).  Wish me luck!

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