Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Hey!

I haven't blogged in over a week. SORRY! I have been pretttyyyy busy over the last week.  I went to Colorado, helped Eden move out [ :( :( :( ] and I've been working. I promised photos from here ya go!


I joined the 30 day journal challenge if you haven't noticed on the side over there <-------- I've been busy but I have journaled - here are days one and two! I'm pretty excited for this challenge!

Day One: Create an introduction page. This can be an introduction of yourself or of your journal. This is kind of like the title page for your journal.

Day Two: Create 3 to 5 simple, accomplishable goals for your 30 day journal challenge. What are some things that you hope to accomplish through this adventure?

Yesterday I got the book The Dukan Diet in the mail!!! I'm so excited to start this diet.  I'm hoping to start it on Monday.  I plan on starting to read it tomorrow. Wish me luck!

PS: Also yesterday, I helped my best friend and roommate of three years, move out. :( it was pretty depressing, but she only lives about 10-15 minutes away, so I'll still be seeing her often, hopefully!

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