Sunday, November 27, 2011

yesterday i spent the day planning my upcoming week and watching movies.  later, dannielle and i decided to go to the mall and target to see if there were any deals left over from the black friday sales.  i was able to snatch glee the complete first season and elf!!! i saved $36!! today we watched glee all day then decided to go cowboy boots shopping.  i found this antique store that sells used boots on google called texas junk company.  it's downtown houston, not hard to find...but it was kind of in a sketchy neighborhood downtown..we were a little nervous, but it turned out to be really cool.  they had TONS of boots (all used, but still..awesome!) and they were all pretty cheap! unfortunately i was unable to find ones i liked that were my size. i'll probably go there before i leave. they're only open on fridays and i only have four days i can go there...crazy!! i can't believe my time is almost up here.  it's bittersweet.  i'm so so so excited to see my friends and family, but i'm just getting comfortable here and finally meeting people! hopefully i'll be able to get a job out here, i love it. we'll see where life takes me i guess. well, i better get back to watching glee!

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  1. misssssss you <3
    p.s go enter my giveaway...only 2 other people have so you'll have a pretty good chance lol