Saturday, April 3, 2010

So...How to Train Your Dragon was SO good. Really, I'm going to buy it when it comes out. I wish I could have a pet dragon. On the way back from the movie the clouds looked amazing. I snapped a few photos. One is of the clouds and the other is the sunset. It was so pretty! When we got home we dyed some eggs for Easter. It was fun, it always brings me back.
So today is super windy, so I'm thinkin' it's a good idea to fly a kite. I'm excited. I used to have a princess kite, I'm hoping I still have it somewhere. I'm such a child, hahah. I'll leave you with some photos from yesterday! Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Wow, preeetty clouds! & cute eggs! :)

  2. what kind of camera did you use to take those picture, and what program do you use to edit them?

  3. I have an Olympus x-905 and I just used picnik -