Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The past few days I've been thinking to myself, "Why on earth did I decide to student teach in Texas?!!?!" In a week from tomorrow, I will be on my way to Texas.  It's going to be a super long drive..I'm not looking forward to it.  I am beyond nervous.  I'm freaking out a little.  I only have five days of classes and one day of student teaching (in MN) left. I have SO much to do yet.  I have to finish up ALL my huge projects for class AND I have to pack.  I can't believe how fast this came up.  I seriously feel like I just decided to do this Texas thing...like two years ago.  CrAzY. I know everything will be okay and that it'll be a great experience, but I'm just sOoOoOoOo nervous. AHHHH.


  1. I'm curious why did you go out of state and decide to student teach in Texas? I'm from Washington and student taught and now teach in Washington...

    Erin :)

  2. It will be a wonderful adventure! Remember what awaits you...a long tall Texan! Safe travels Megan! We love you!