Thursday, November 3, 2011

Howdy ya'll! I promised lots of people that I would blog all the time while in Texas! I FINALLY got internet today so this blog post may be a little long. Just a warning. 

On the last day of class we took some class pictures! I miss them all so much!!
 Wednesday (last week) we jam packed our cars and I mean jam packed our cars, I couldn't see out my back window, and we were on our way.  It took about 22 hours.  Such a terrible drive.  We decided to drive through the night which sucked so much. I almost fell asleep like 3458398402 times while dangerous.  AND it rained the whole way through Oklahoma.  I probably got a total of 3 hours of sleep; I think I JUST caught myself up on my sleep the other day.  We got here safe and sound and that's all that matters! :)  The day we left Minnesota it was probably about 40 degrees out.  When I stepped out of my car when we got to Texas, it was probably in the 80's.  Such a change! I love it! I even wore shorts on Saturday!

Once we got here we moved in, which probably took about 20 min or so.  We have zero furniture; we sleep on air mattresses and sit on the floor while eating dinner and while watching tv.  The woman who helped us sign our lease and stuff (Star) was really friendly and drew us a map of places to go including the mall, the bars, the movie theather, etc.  It was kind of scary though, she told us to never turn right when leaving our street because it's all bad news...we have to go right to get to our schools.  I was a little freaked out!
(moved in!)
 Friday my roommates and I slept til noon then mosied around and watched Bridesmaids.  Later one of my roommates and I went to a carnival that was going on at our new school.  I got to meet my teacher and got a small tour of the school.  It was pretty fun.

Saturday we decided to do some exploring.  We drove around and looked at the million dollar houses which are down the street from me, went shopping, got some food, and got some last minute costume peices.  Saturday night we decided to find a bar.  We ended up at a bar called Whiskey River.  It was SO fun.  Such a different atmosphere compared to St. Cloud, MN.  Let me tell you, I have never seen so many cowboy hats in my life.  AND there was lots of line dancing.  We actually ran into Star at the bar so she taught us a really fun line dance. 
(Whiskey River...the chandelier is made of beer it!)
Monday was day one at my new school.  I was super nervous, but it ended up being a really good day.  My teacher is amazing!!  We get a long really well, which is REALLY good.  She's an amazing teacher as well, she is great with her students, which, by the way, are fabulous!  We have a really small class of 15 really well behaved students.  I'm really excited to be working and growing with them.  I get to start teaching next week!! So the schools here in Texas, well Aldine, are SO different than the schools I've been to in Minnesota.  When I was getting my tour of the school, I noticed that the hallways are outside! How crazy?! But no worries, there is a roof over the hallways.  I also noticed that the kids are so well behaved in the hallways! The kids also only get recess once a week for about 20 min and they don't get to play on a playground because it's not up to code so they get to run around.  Oh I forgot to tell you, one of my little boys vomitted at lunch and a little girl who was in line with our class also vomitted...pray that I don't get sick!!

This weekend we plan on exploring Houston.  I'll take lots of pictures and definitely keep you updated!  Sorry this is so long, but I've been deprived of the interent for over a was bound to happen!


  1. Oooh...cowboys!

    Glad you made it safe and sound! Good luck teaching!

  2. Great to hear this update!! Sounds like this is going to be an awesome experience! :) Love ya girly.