Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello Friday

Yay it's friday!! I'm so excited for the weekend! Today I went to Texas Roadhouse for the very first time ever!! My teacher and I went there after school just to chit chat and get to know eachother.  It was soooo yummmy!! I'll definitely be going there again.  Tonight my roommates and I are meeting up with a girl that I know from Minnesota.  We're getting a real Texas experience tonight..we're going to the Track Shack..which apparently is literally a shack with cowboys, country music, and karaoke.  I'm excited! Tomorrow we're going to the Galleria in Houston.  I'm really excited. My teacher was telling me that there's an ice rink in the mall!! So crazy, but I guess Minnesota has an amusement park and underwater adventures inside the Mall of America...but I'm still really excited to go.  All the stores are really high end which means I will not be spending any money, but it'll fun to just walk around and explore Houston! We're also going to a bookstore that apparently has a HUGE sale going on.  Hopefully I'll find some books to build my classroom library! and you know, some for myself!


  1. Oooh, more cowboys! Lol! Glad you're enjoying your experience so far!

  2. I LOVE bookstore sales. The best. Have fun!