Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Break; Day 1

Yesterday was the start of my Thanksgiving break!! No school for a week!! I'm SO excited! My roommate, Danielle, my friend Ashley, and I decided to try and find cheap cowboy boots.  We heard of a store called Sam Moon so we went to check it out. HOLY COW. It was AMAZING! It's so big and filled with jewlery, hats, belts, clothes, purses, and hair accessories...and everything is super cheap!! I didn't find my cowboy boots but I did find a cowboy hat!! AND it was cheap! After a long day of shopping, we were invited to one of Ashley's neighbor's house for dinner and Dancing with the Stars.  It was SO nice to be in a house and in a family setting.  We had the yummiest sandwiches.  We also played Farkle (I won!!) and did a country line dance workout video..which I definitely will be buying!  They even invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday since we don't have any plans! I'm so grateful, because we were planning on doing nothing for Thanksgiving so it will be nice to be with a family. 
Today Danielle, Ashley and I are going to explore downtown Houston.  It's a little gloomy out today so we're going to check out the Holocaust Museum..because it's FREE! I'm so excited! And we have a friend who lives downtown so we'll be visiting him too! Happy Thanksgiving Break!!

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